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Insurance Accepted Mental Health Treatment Programs Done By Passionate Professionals

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We are committed to helping those who struggle with mental health issues reach happy and fulfilling lives. Our team of experts have dedicated their lives to the practice of helping others create change in theirs. Whether it’s counseling or specialized treatments, our custom treatment planning and attention to detail will give you or your loved one the ability to do so. 

Janae Sullivan, LPCC, Executive Director

“When a pebble of harm hits the pond, the ripples spread far. It is my passion to prevent that pebble from hitting the pond again.”

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Meet our dedicated group of professionals. We take a team approach to every case in helping those who are struggling transform for the better. Our masters level clinicians are seasoned and passionate about creating change in the lives of others. See for yourself!

Masters Level Clinicians

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Hard Working & Dedicated

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Looking for a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of adolescents? Join our team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to providing services to youth and their families in a compassionate, caring and healing environment.