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Reunification Therapy in MN

Our reunification services help bridge the gap between the victim and the youth who engaged in sexually harmful behaviors. This process is vital to the journey of repairing harm and toward healing. It is crucial to have a seasoned and trained professional navigate the reunification process. Please note that we do not make recommendations regarding parenting time.

At Steps For Change, our experienced and passionate clinicians care about helping you or your loved ones through to the other side. Reach out to us today to find out more about our reunification therapy in MN.

What Is Reunification?

Reunification is the process of bringing families together to heal while also holding the person who sexually harmed accountable for their behaviors and ensuring safety for the victim. Reunification after child sexual abuse can bring up intense and confusing feelings as the child who experienced the sexual abuse may wish to reunite with the person who harmed them but also feel hurt and confused about why they were victimized. 

Often for youth who have acted out sexually, the victim is a family member increasing the likelihood that the family unit will want or need to interact in some way in the future. It is important to remember that the person who was sexually harmed should have control of the reunification process and at any point, if they wish to not move forward, the process should stop immediately.

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Reunification Services at Steps For Change

At Steps For Change, our therapists work with everyone within the family system to create a customized reunification plan. Our staff is specifically trained to provide therapeutic services not only to the youth who sexually acted out but to the person who was sexually victimized. Reunification is a multilayer and continuous process that involves ongoing therapy and assessment.

At Steps For Change, the process involves multiple steps:


Treatment for Everyone:

The person who was sexually abused, the person who acted out sexually, and the family.


Assessment of Readiness:

The victim’s therapist and the therapist for the youth who sexually harmed, coordinate to ensure that both are ready for the next steps in the reunification process. Generally speaking, the youth who engaged in sexually harmful behaviors will need to complete the majority of their treatment work before reunification would be considered.


Family Therapy:

Treatment for the youth who acted out sexually needs to include families/guardians who exercise control and supervision over their daily lives. This is because the safety plan will center around the family environment and mitigating risk factors. Additionally, the family will need to come together to openly discuss the abuse and the harm caused by it.


Safety Planning:

A comprehensive safety plan is created to identify the strengths of the family as well as risk factors, patterns, and warning signs of abuse. This provides secure boundaries for the family to build a safe environment.


Apology/Accountability Letter:

As a part of therapy for the youth who sexually acted out, they write an Apology/Accountability Letter to the victim. The victim can request that specific details or questions be addressed in the letter. An apology session is then held where the letter is read, and the victim has the opportunity to ask questions. The safety plan is also reviewed with the family during the apology session if appropriate.


Reconnection and/or Reunification:

If ongoing contact between the person who acted out sexually and the victim is the ultimate goal, contact will be a gradual process. For example, contact might start with phone calls, then progress to in-person contact one time a week and then slowly increase over time. Ongoing family sessions will be scheduled to allow everyone to give feedback and for the safety plan to be reevaluated, if needed, along the way.

Choosing Steps For Change

The goal of reunification services is to heal and safely reunite families. At Steps For Change, we understand how intense and difficult this may be. Our Clinicians offer a safe and welcoming space for families to receive the support they need. Don’t hesitate to contact us today about our reunification services in Minnesota.

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