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Court-Involved Youth Services in Minnesota

Steps For Change, LLC, is a community-based program located in Edina and Brooklyn Center Minnesota dedicated to serving Hennepin County families in collaboration with their juvenile probation officers and Health and Human Services (HHS) caseworkers.

Steps For Change specializes in working with court-involved youth, male and female, who are in need of assessment and treatment after engaging in sexually harmful behaviors.  Learn more on how Steps for Change helps court-involved youth in Minnesota today.

What Are Court-Involved Youth?

A court-involved youth is a minor that is involved in the juvenile justice system in some way. Many deal with trauma and abuse in their home while others have undiagnosed behavior and mental issues. These issues increase the risk of a child ending up in the juvenile justice system, which has an impact on the rest of their life.  They can get involved by committing criminal acts, including underage drinking, truancy, running away from home, stealing, vandalizing, drug use or dealing, violent offenses, and sexual offenses.

At Steps For Change, we specifically specialize in juveniles who are involved in the juvenile justice system for committing a sexual offense.

Hennepin County Referrals

Steps For Change contracts with Hennepin County to serve male and female youth who have acted out sexually or who are exhibiting problematic sexual behaviors and who are in need of assessment and treatment. Steps For Change works in collaboration with the youths juvenile probation officer and/or Health and Human Services (HHS) caseworker. When youth are court ordered to Steps For Change, services are at no charge to the youth or their family.

Insurance Accepted

And Many More

Outside Referrals/Private Pay

Steps For Change not only serves court-ordered youth for Hennepin County but can also serve nearby counties (Anoka, Wright, Dakota, Ramsy, Carver, Scott) and has the ability to serve clients in greater Minnesota via teletherapy. We also accept most major insurances.

We accept referrals through our website or you can download a copy of the referral form here. Still have questions? Schedule a call with us today.

Court-Involved Youth Services with Steps for Change

At Steps For Change, it’s our mission to make communities safer by assisting youth who have engaged in sexually harming behaviors. Our goal is to repair the harm done to their victims, their families and within themselves while also reaffirming the youth’s intrinsic worth and holding them accountable for their behavior.

Steps For Change is a community-based program specializing in the evaluation and treatment of youth 7 to 21-years old who have engaged in sexually harming behaviors. The therapeutic foundation is an adaptation of the Good Lives Model™, which identifies sexually harming behavior as a maladaptive attempt to meet one or more basic human needs.

To provide individualized treatment and to meet the unique needs of each youth and their family, Steps For Change has an array of services.

Court-Involved Youth Services in Minnesota

At Steps For Change, we seek to treat the whole person, not just put a band-aid on a behavior problem. We believe that all youth in Minneapolis deserves a chance to thrive.

The court-involved youth services at Steps for Change are making a powerful difference in the lives of Minneapolis youth. All youth deserve a chance to live a happy and successful life, and our programs help them overcome their obstacles. If you have a court-involved youth in need of treatment, contact us today.

How Steps For Change is Implementing Basic Infection Prevention Measures Regarding COVID-19

Steps For Change (SFC) is using the information provided by credible sources, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the American Red Cross, to guide our approach to the virus. Currently, SFC’s offices remain closed to clients/families, guests, and non-essential personnel. SFC is still accepting new referrals and teletherapy appointments are being offered through Zoom to new and pre-existing clients. Our goal is to continue to provide good customer service to all our visitors and ensure all staff are employing best practices.

For more information please refer to the Steps For Change Preparedness Plan: SFC Covid-19 Preparedness Plan Effective 6.15.2020

When entering into a Steps For Change location, please abide by the following Safety Precautions: COVID19 Safety Precaution Policies 6.15.20 (COVID19 Safety Precaution Policies – Spanish 6.15.20)