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PTSD Treatment In Edina, Minnesota

Did you know that 3.5% of US citizens deal with PTSD every year? Women in the US are at high risk of PTSD as compared to men. This is why it’s vital to have complete information about the disease. When you know everything, you can protect yourself from the PTSD signs. Many people often get nightmares or flashbacks of traumatic events. Experiencing a traumatic event can leave a person with shame and guilt.

Trauma goes beyond mental sickness. Perhaps a person experiences physical illness due to lack of sleep. Due to the fear of being judged, people always surround themselves with negativity. Forming new bonds seems to be an arduous chore for them. If your loved one is suffering from the same problem, you can choose PTSD treatment in Edina. It will help you to improve their lives and, at the same time, their health.

What Is PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is directly linked to mental health. It often begins after a traumatic event. In this type of treatment, people often struggle with a heightened sense of danger. They start to feel fearful and stressed. The reason is that PTSD leads to an altered fight. Even if they are in a safe situation, PTSD can make them feel weak from within. Before you choose any PTSD treatment, Edina, it’s vital to seek expert help. A reliable therapist will help you to make your loved ones feel safe and secure.

How Can Someone Develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Generally, people who experience a traumatic event experience PTSD. Any situation that directly leads to fear, horror, shock, or helplessness causes PTSD. Some of the major causes that lead to the disease include:

However, the cause of the disease will vary from one person to another. This is why patients should always choose expert help to know the proper treatment. There are some other risk factors that contribute to PTSD. These include:

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And Many More

What Are The Signs & Symptoms of PTSD?

PTSD can harm the mental, physical and emotional state of a person. It can remind them of their traumatic event again and again. Some words or situations can trigger PTSD symptoms and signs. Let’s have a look at the four groups into which we divide PTSD symptoms.

Relationship Issues

  • Flashbacks that force the patient to relive the same traumatic event
  • Unpleasant memories that harm your health and make you ill
  • Occasional or frequent nightmares about the same event
  • Intense physical and mental illness whenever the patient thinks about the incident


  • Avoiding people that remind the patient about the incident
  • Preventing social gatherings that act as a trigger for an incident

Cognition And Mood

  • Constant negativity in thinking about themselves
  • A feeling of worry, guilt, or blame
  • Reduced interest in the old activities that they used to love
  • Having trouble thinking about some events
  • Panic attacks and depression (in a few cases)

The symptoms of PTSD can start within one week of the traumatic incident. But the signs can take months to appear. Though the above signs are common, they may vary from one person to another. Experts suggest that patients should seek emergency help if they experience symptoms. This way, they can avoid their negative thinking patterns. This, in turn, will help them to improve the quality of their living.

What Is The Right Treatment For Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Many people often hesitate when it comes to choosing PTSD treatment in Edina. The reason is that they feel it will trigger their symptoms. However, this isn’t the case when you choose the right help. Having the right therapist by your side will help you get relief from the symptoms. Plus, it will assist you in feeling liberated and healthy from within.

At Steps For Change, we make sure our clients heal in a safe place. Not every patient has the same symptoms; this is why we offer treatment based on your needs. A practical and safe PTSD treatment in Edina is cognitive processing therapy. Also known as talk therapy, it allows patients to get rid of guilt or shame. It reframes their thinking about the traumatic event to eliminate negative thoughts.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is another safe technique. It helps the patients to heal naturally from within. The therapist performs bilateral stimulation to release the negative thoughts.

Psychodynamic therapy deepens the self-awareness of the individual. It gives the therapist a profound idea of what is harming the individual. Then, he provides the method by which a person focuses on a new thought pattern.

Get the Right Help for PTSD from Steps For Change Today!

If your loved one is suffering from PTSD, it’s your duty to help them. A PTSD therapy Edina will assist the patients in overcoming their mental issues. At Steps For Change, we believe in offering the right treatment for the patients. Our expert counselors use effective therapies to help our patients remain healthy. Our treatments will work on the underlying cause of your PTSD.

We work for a common goal: to help our patients feel comfortable and safe. Once we know the cause, we will offer a tailor-made treatment to suit your needs. Plus, our expert therapist will ensure that you’re ready to live your life on your own terms. To learn more about our PTSD treatment options, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to solve your medical issues and problems without hassle. Contact us today!

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