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Couples Therapy in Edina

In our society, it’s often expected that adults should handle their problems on their own so there can be even more stigma around going to therapy to help with relationship problems. But there is no shame in seeking help and can truly help heal a relationship.

If you or your partner are feeling a disconnect in your relationships, couples therapy in Edina, MN with Steps For Change could be the right solution.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy focused on helping individuals in their relationship work through conflict, challenges, or issues. Resolving conflict allows for the couple to develop healthier ways of communicating and understand the relationship.

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Reasons Why a Couple Would Need Therapy

There are various reasons why a couple might need therapy.  Some are more serious than others.  Nonetheless, here are some reasons why couples might need counseling

Poor Communication

One of the biggest keys to a healthy relationship is good communication. While this is true, it's not always easy. At times, it may seem like you're speaking different languages or like you’re not being heard.

Going to a couples counselor can help you figure out where your communication is off. Through therapy, you may reveal there are small miscommunications or larger issues you need help getting solved.

Experienced Difficulty or Truama

When you're with somebody for a long time, you're bound to experience life difficulties or even trauma. You may experience losing a loved one, financial issues, or health problems that create difficulty.

These can destabilize your bond as you focus on getting through the trauma. The difficult times can even have some partners falling into a dark state, suffering from issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Navigating these problems can be difficult without help so seeing a couple's counselor can help you work through it as a couple.

Not Having Constructive Arguments

Arguments are a given in most relationships. No two people will always see eye to eye on every issue. The problem is not arguing, but rather not arguing constructively.

Bickering over small issues or continuously arguing about the same thing points to a lack of constructive arguing rather than a mismatch in your pairing. Bad arguments also often stem from poor communication.

Learning from a therapist how to argue can save you lots of heart- and headaches.

Lack of Intimacy

Every couple shows physical affection in their own way. While some may be very affectionate, others may keep it at a minimum. When there is no physical intimacy—especially where there used to be—can be a larger issue.

A lack of physical intimacy often stems from a variety of sources. It might not have anything to do with the relationship, and it might have everything to do with it. The problems may even be a combination of both.

Getting to the root of the issue is the key. That's where an experienced therapist can help. They may provide you with relationship counseling exercises to help you find intimacy again.

Struggling With Trust

Trust is a must when it comes to your relationship. It leads to a strong and healthy relationship that allows your bond to grow. However, it can also be hard to get and easy to lose.

One partner may be reluctant to trust, either because of trust issues in a previous relationship or because of a partner's past behaviors, with cheating and unfaithfulness is often the most common reason that partners struggle with trust. Either way, this can put a strain on the relationship.

You Are Not Alone

Navigating relationships can be difficult as there are many necessary elements like trust, love, communication, and connection that must be balanced. When these elements become imbalanced, it can feel like the relationship is falling apart. This doesn’t necessarily mean you and your partner aren’t meant to be together or that you should break up, it might just mean you need assistance from a couple’s therapist.

Are you looking for couples therapy in the Minneapolis area? Make an appointment today to see if we’re a fit to help you and your partner.

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